Friday, September 17, 2010

In Cambridge, Squeeze to the Right

As seen today in Cambridge near Inman Square along Prospect Street. So, when in Cambridge, Squeeze Right!

Monday, June 14, 2010

$6.99 Hobo Special

Seen today at Bukowski's Tavern in Inman Square.

Crawfish in Dorchester

How many folks have tried Brother's Crawfish? I've seen this place written up in Improper Bostonian and, and the IB article suggested a group of my fellow LSU alums visited the place and approved. I'm shocked by the price: $9.95 per pound! I can easily eat 5 lbs of crawfish, which would make a trip to Brother's an expensive meal out. I'm sure it's tasty, and their menu appears to have a nice selection, so I'm holding off on other comments until I visit there.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flip Flop sesason

Finally, it's flip flop season. I was just reading The Dot Matrix, who is now spending lots of time in the City that Care Forgot, making me resent the stale Dunkin Donuts coffee I've endured for almost 4 years now. But I do appreciate the seasons here, even though winter seems to last for an extra 2 months than I'd prefer, but who is counting the months, right? So it's now June, and warm weather in Boston plays a trick on you, in that it's so nice out, and such a pretty city, that you forget the horrid winter you just endured, the dry skin, the layers upon layers of clothing, and the booze you went through to make it to summer. So not sure what this post is about, just about to head to DBar for brunch.

Oh, and check out pics of both the Dorchester Day and Boston Pride parades on my flickr page.

Monday, April 12, 2010

FYI, Boston, vinyl is not sustainable

I went to the down:2:earth Boston's Sustainable Living Expo yesterday afternoon--someone was handing out free tickets on Boylston Street in front of the Pru. So I went for it, and honestly it was an interesting, a small, conference expo, and I love walking through and seeing conference exhibits. Working in the field of housing development, and living in a world where everyone is drinking the "Green Building" cool-aid, peeping inside the exhibit hall was halfway work related--can I count it as overtime? So there were some interesting local groups, from local bicycle groups to small start-ups that will outfit your home with very cool gardens, etc. I can post links, don't worry. But there was, of course, the industry reps, from window manufacturers, bath and kitchen surface reps, and appliance reps.

My big beef right now is to say that vinyl, despite calling it "Virgin Vinyl," is not sustainable. I don't care what sort of energy rating those new vinyl windows gets, they are still vinyl, and it is still toxic in how its made (if you disagree go build your dream house NEXT to a chemical plant producing PVC, then call me and tell me to eat your ass), and most especially if your home is ever on fire, and then in 20 years when you want new ones, it means more vinyl in a landfill. Vinyl works for many because it's cheap, and they can spray it clean with their (vinyl?) garden hose, leading many to believe it's maintenance free. As someone who has replaced my far share of windows here on the job, I can say that vinyl windows are the cheapest replacement windows, and that you get what you pay for, so beware. And I'm not hating anyone for using them, but I do get quite annoyed when I go to a "Green" expo and find a room of industry schmucks pushing vinyl "renewal" crap to the crowd.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's been 4 months!

Spring, I'm back after 4 months of work. I'm not complaining, because as always I'm happy to be crazy busy, but I have not prioritized blogging, or socializing, etc. I did beat the winter blues by taking a trip to Mexico--always great to sport a tan in February and March here in New England. So now we are experiencing what I'll call spring weather: 50-60 degrees out sorta regularly. I've not planted my mesclun outside, and I'm starting my onions and herbs indoors from seed--b/c I'm a urban yuppie container gardener. Tomatoes and cucumbers are to follow in the next few weeks, too.

Apart from this simple update, life has been fine(er), better, etc. I need to plan some sort of summer vacation, and find a way to move to NYC, but that's another story. Oh, and I love listening to Ryan Leslie nowadays, and I'm back to Trina while at the gym.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Wii and them some

I'm feeling better, more or less, plus I have a new Wii. I was never the video game sort, but this Wii is something to try, and get addicted to for sure. So far I say I'm an okay archer, and a decent bowler, and I'm slowly perfecting my skills at watercraft. The Monopoly game I've played, and won, and lost--and it's fun, but I find myself trying to crack the game's soft spots for when the fake players will sell, etc, and they tend to be misers.

January is moving along, slowly. I ran into a friend on the way home from the T tonight. I need to socialize more, get out, etc. Oh, and I need to get to the office ASAP tomorrow a.m. and finish this Comprehensive Permit application for work. God save Massachusetts and it's endless amounts of bureaucracy!

On another note, I'm a big Lady Gaga fan. I went to her concert a few weeks ago in December, and it changed my life. If you're cool and don't listen to Lady Gaga, then you need to, or else you'll fall off the Earth and die.