Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Action Figures love Barack Obama!

This was seen today in the lovely Central Square here in Cambridge. For those who can't see too well, this is a street-level window display wherein there is an illustration of the now President-Elect Barack Obama being worshiped by a myriad of action figures. Be sure to check out how many Pee Wee Herman figurines are there! I love the ones who have thrown themselves onto the picture, too. Now I just want there to be one dancing with a snake figurine.


Oh wow. As someone who did sit through the nutcracker ONCE, this particular interpretation strikes me as far more entertaining. I may have to check it out.

First snow of the season!

I was happy and surprised this past Sunday to see snow falling outside my drafty window. Thankfully the situation did not warrant boots and shovels. I instead went to the gym, followed by some initial holiday shopping downtown, then a quick stroll through Boston Common.

For those from away and not familiar with Savin Hill, this is the view one has while waiting on the red line at the Savin Hill T stop. Look close, one can almost make out the small flurries. I've been called an "infrastructure slut" and I proudly agree and accept that title. I love this view--the rail lines, the fences, the highway walls, the sound from the traffic, the trains, then the 3-deckers on the hill, the reinforced concrete, the platform I'm standing on (which needs some attention despite its recent work, there are some caulk issues).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jessica Simpson makes bags, too? God, help me.

I am a consumer like the rest of us, but really, ladies, when choosing a purse/pocketbook/handbag/etc, please avoid choosing ones plastered with the name "Jessica Simpson" on it-most especially if it uses an ugly font. I was shocked when I saw one of these today on the T. Jessica Simpson sucks, and after a long-ass day I do not want to see your tired self, too, clutching a bag clad in her name.

And while I am on the topic of celebrity-associated fashions, I want to mention that I saw my first actual piece of House of Dereon on the very lovely Red Line!! It was a very simple, pretty unremarkable jacket designed by Beyonce's stupid momma worn by a most colorful girl on the Ashmont Line. I couldn't help but notice while listening to her speak about a girl who once owed her rent money...tragic story in her mind.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ice Cream Turkey

That's right boys and girls, it's another fabulous Baskin and Robbins ice cream turkey! This one is 100% better to one I saw last year--last year's one was sorta gray, sorta green, not appetizing. This one is what I will call fecal brown. That's right I said it! This is a blog of honesty! My fabulous and vegetarian coworker insists that as a vegetarian AND a lover of ice cream, she is very offended. I agree. Thanksgiving is all about food, and eating the appropriate food, so don't feed me ice cream turkey. I want pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, or a pecan pie, please.

Please note the label on the upper right hand side of the box that notes this turkey is not cake, feeds 16 to 24 people, and is priced at $49.99.

An Open Letter to the guy who is not Tony Montana

An Open Letter to this guy on the Red Line:

I know, I get it, you're an asshole. You felt the need to sit next to me, to lean into me, to turn and repeatedly shove your backpack into my face. But thank you, because otherwise I would not have seen (and snapped a quick pic of) your *really* stupid Scarface-inspired jacket. Let's just say that just because you may like to watch MTV Cribs or find some sort of parallel between your life and that of Tony Montana does not give you the fashion license to "represent" the gang life with a painfully horrible embroidered jacket with Al Pacino's face staring me down as you talk to your baby mama about "all those young girls in class you think they all that," among other fabulous topics. And yes, when I knee your backpack and you turn and look at me, and I look you down, too, that means get straightened up.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Vote for Change: Election Day 2008

Happy Election Day!

With great relief and glee, I marched over to the backside of the Savin Hill Apartments in the very lovely Dorchester to cast my vote (see above) for Barack Obama. We're in! Finally we Democrats have been on the offensive and took no prisoners this time! As for the scene, the voting poll station was busy, but not what coworkers have reported for other areas of Metro Boston (I didn't have to stand in line when I went at 7:00 a.m.).

Also, I don't like how the polling station is on the backside of this big apartment building, sorta hidden--last time I had to really investigate and then realize that yes, I had to walk up the service ramp, through some room, and then into the polling room.

AND seeing the cover of the Metro newspaper today, I had to opportunity to vote, again!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

When You're Good to Mama

Dianne Wilkerson of the fabled Massachusetts Senate should take a lesson from Queen Latifah. If you're going to take cash from whoever, at least have some class! U-N-I-T-Y!

Dianne Wilkerson is not Michelle Obama, or What to Wear When Shoving Money in your Bra

Dianne Wilkerson at Fill-A-Buster filling her pockets with bribe money.

Dianne Wilkerson at the No. 9 Park restaurant shoving $1,000 dollars in cash into her bra. How ladylike!

Oh Sweet Jesus, Dianne Wilkerson, bless her heart, poor thing thought she was going to get away with acting like a fool. She probably thought she was living the dream, but instead she's been living a nightmare if you read of her past. I come from a politically corrupt-as-shit part of the country, and this story just warmed my heart, made me feel at home. I've been raging lately, thinking "I can't stand to be here, I hate these people," then I get to my office and see one of the crap-ass Massachusetts elected officials has FINALLY been arrested, and for taking bribes! It's like a hug from Jesus! And not that there can't be anything else to arrest people for...have you people been blind? You spent $22 billion to bury a few miles of highway in downtown Boston, and then name a park after Ted Kennedy's dead mama, plus it seems to leak like a sieve, and has, so far, killed a few people. So when are the arrests?

Regardless, I love it, I love it all, the scandal, the drama, the fiery speeches, the "I'm innocent, I'm a victim, the man made me a target...I'm the underdog, etc" rhetoric. I walked around the office, making sure people knew, and I laughed, I cackled, it was a good day. And THEN the always-a-mess Boston Globe published something interesting: the photos!

But apart from just making this a blog post about how Dianne Wilkerson is utterly insane and shameful (and entertaining), I felt it appropriate to make known, to the ladies out there, shirts that are more appropriate to wear when trying to shove cash into one's own bra or shirt. So, I simply went to the Macy's website and found a few shirts I feel would be better to wear when, and if, one decides to meet an undercover federal agent at Scollay Square on Beacon Hill or the fabulously-named Fill-A-Buster restaurant. It would only be better if she would have been found at Clink in the Liberty Hotel or at Cuffs in the Jurys Hotel.

Does this model look like a saucy, demanding bitch? That's right! "Give me money for my bra!" At least it's button-down, so easy access, very quick. So, ladies, consider something button-down.

I know, this skinny white girl needs a sandwich and a milkshake more than a pile of cash. Good lord she's skinny. But back to the shirt: while not a button-down, I think it would be easier to shove some quick bribe cash in the chest area--better than having to reach under.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Fall season in New England is so frickin' cute

I took a trip to Walden Pond this weekend. What else am I suppose to do in this town? And let's just say that I'm not a transcendentalist, nor am I a member of the Thoreau Society. It's a beautiful place, however, worth the trip, and the colors were great.

Site of Thoreau's 1-room cabin.

My new Ork Poster

Fresh from the frame shop is my new Ork Poster, one of my recent purchases I've made, that, in my mind, are doing their part to hold up the US economy. I was happy to see they have a lovely Boston Ork version, and I appreciate how they delineated the the city's many neighborhoods. So I apparently live in North Dorchester, or "NoDo" as some would say. Regardless, I like how the frame job came out, pretty simple.

8 minute chocolate cake

I found this recipe on the web somewhere, I *think* Smitten Kitchen, but I'm not sure. Regardless, it's online somewhere, so I'm not the genius or the freak who first penned this recipe. It's usually called "5 minute chocolate cake," but it takes me at least 8 to 10 minutes from start to finish.

4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
pinch of salt

Combine dry ingredients, then add egg, oil, milk, mix together all crazy-like. Spray a coffee mug with non-stick spray (I used good ole Pam), pour in "batter" and then microwave on high heat for 3 minutes. After those 3 minutes, let it sit in the microwave oven for approximately 5 minutes, and voila, you have crappy chocolate cake, made from scratch (!), so enjoy! This isn't going to win you any award or kudos from anyone, but if you're alone and what you need isn't carnal, but rather caloric (and preferably chocolate), then this is your magic ticket.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

ULi: "Private real estate markets need to correct--lenders must force distressed owners to become motivated sellers"

Check out the Urban Land Institute's Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2009. The report makes this list:

Before a rebound, Emerging Trends says the following needs to happen:
  • Private real estate markets need to correct-–lenders must force distressed owners to become motivated sellers.

  • Debt capital needs to flow-–lenders will need to learn to deal in a more stringent regulatory landscape. The commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market must "reformulate."
  • Regulators need to restore confidence in the securities market. The government will insert itself into overseeing mortgage securitization markets. Systemic overhaul promises more measured debt flow.
  • The economy needs to improve. Falling demand for space won’t affect real estate markets severely until 2009.
  • The housing condition is no better and shows no signs of recovering quickly. For lenders, the "subprime mess is the tip of the iceberg." Stricter lending standards and the weak economy will continue to drain the homebuyer market. "Forget the quick fix!"
That's right, sweet babies, despite knowing that we can't trust most real estate and real estate finance professionals nowadays, I did take a moment to read through the linked article and found this list to be quite amusing. So, no shit, if you bought an overpriced house, there's no waiting anything out, you're fucked, so get over it. Life sucks for all of us.

And I will give the ULI kudos for recognizing the value, the importance, the goodness(?) of housing within existing urban areas near transit lines. Now I just need my main man Obama to throw some real bail-out style cash to Amtrak and this country's struggling transit systems, and stop building new highways every god damn day. Of course a new and improved transit system anywhere is only good if we wake up and review our land use policies, but sweet jesus, i'm on my way to brunch...

Richard Simmons has been representin' the Dirty South longer than that skank Britney

Wassup 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vive la Obama!

I love Barack Obama, I do. He's quite the stellar fella, to say the least. And I love these posters, and I loved seeing them posted in this fashion yesterday in Central Square. It makes me yell "Vive la Obama!" And they were really pasted well to the wall--it's not wrong to want to steal what is already illegal street art, right?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Vote! poster from Buy Olympia

I just got this great and FREE poster from Buy Olympia today. It's printed on what is essentially newspaper, but it was FREE, so yay. It's a cool poster, I say, and I've prominently posted it in my bureaucratic cubicle in hopes of inspiring someone to vote. Given I live in the bluest of blue states, but still, every vote counts, right? Regardless, it's a cool print, and I plan to keep this site in mind in the future.

"I need a Winn Dixie grocery bag full of money right now to the VIP section."

My fabulous coworker gave this shopping bag to me, knowing that I'm a true Southern Boy, and that I, in fact, "need a Winn Dixie shopping bag full of money right now to the VIP section." I love that she thought of me! And oh Lordy, Sweet Jesus, I wish this bag was full. I'll instead fill it when I'm makin' groceries at tha' Shaws or Hah-Vest. Regardless, see the video here.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Liberty Hotel's ugly carpet

Sweet Jesus, be a mirror! I understand that hotels can make numerous interior design choices beyond what any sane individual may knowingly and responsibly want for their own home, office, or anywhere. But why, Sweet Jesus, would such a fancy-schmancy place as the Liberty Hotel choose such god-awful carpet for their ballroom? Maybe they wanted carpet that would be more repugnant than the Back Bay MILFs and Cougars all preying on the youngish breeder boys in the lobby. Don't get me wrong, the lobby and central area of the hotel is beautiful. The food served at the banquet I attend was bad, bad, bad, bad.

Oh, and if you're in the bar there called Alibi, don't order anything, it sucks.

At the office...

A fabulous coworker wrote this post-it for me, to help inspire me. I'm not 100% sure it worked.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Vowell at Brookline Booksmith

Sarah Vowell is one of my favorite authors. Like many, I appreciate her humor, writing style, wit, sarcasm, and love of history and it's many unknown details. Her new book The Wordy Shipmates tells of the early Massachusetts Puritans. She read a few excerpts from the book at Brookline Booksmith in Coodlidge Corner and answered a round of questions from the audience. She tried to not dwell on the real premise of the book: how the early Puritans were just like crazy Americans today, insisting that God is on our side, that we're 100% justified in all our actions, etc etc. She hinted that her next book would be about the history of Hawaii, finding a connection between Hawaii and New Englanders and Puritans who, in the 19th Century, decided to "colonize" Hawaii, and so on. That will be quite the read! Oh, and she signed my copy of her new book--she writes big, too.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Give Me Your City Hall

I saw this today at the Harvard Square T station. I'm not sure what to think of these ads in general, but I like this section of one. If only aliens could descend onto Government Center and demand to take away Boston's City Hall Building. But would the city leaders then building some sort of Po-Mo crap city hall?

Moonwalks in Harvard Square

I took this picture last night while in Harvard Square. I more like the feet and hands (?) added to the fella, apart from someone showing us where to find the Moonwalks.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Captain Bubbles, the pirate-themed laundromat in Central Square

Not sure what to say besides it's a laundromat in Central Square, pretty nondescript, except it's decorated in a pirate theme. Oh, and there was a Chihuahua taking a break from doing someone's laundry (see the pictures). I have passed this place too many times to count, but today I noticed its door and had to step inside to investigate. The place was vacant, minus the puppy on the counter. I was quite impressed with the pirate theme that was obviously NOT in preparation for Halloween.

Fabulous pirate artwork!

Wash, Dry, and Fold for $1.00 by the puppy

I can only assume the chihuahua was taking a break from doing the laundry.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I [heart] the Housing Bubble

I love the housing bubble. I love thinking back to when I first moved to Boston, and listening to the MANY, the NUMEROUS, and OBNOXIOUS people insisting that the cost of housing in the fabled Massachusetts would never go down, and that I was misinformed, delusional, and rather ignorant to even begin to believe that there could be any possible negative issue arising in the real estate market. I still believe, as I did then, that a property's value is best realized by the rent(s) it will generate. Right now I live in a fabulous $1,200/month 2-bedroom unit 2 blocks from the Savin Hill station, making for a very lovely and easy commute to Cambridge. This means I am paying the equivalent of a $200,000 mortgage at 6% for 30 years. My unit is approximately 1,060 sq. ft, so at that rate it's $189/sq. ft. In my humble, belittled opinion, this is a below market rate per sq. ft. for Dorchester, sadly. Also, this is before the property tax and any maintenance costs associated with this unit. Thankfully I have kick-ass landlords who have owned this property since before the Sweet Jesus turned water into wine, so they're not the nickle and diming type of folk--I get the idea that this building is paid for, not like my last place, good fucking god.

Nevertheless, when I see the unit across the street, and one a few doors down, selling for $300K+, I wonder, "who?" "wtf?" "why?" "do they assume no one has a calculator?" More people should read Robert Shiller, or just go here.

And, if you are curious for some academic facts, check out this quack, who just recently owned up to the fact that despite his fancy status, he really hasn't a fucking clue as to what the market will do.

Friday, September 26, 2008

DNA Lofts and their ugly cabinets

This is my 2nd blog post regarding the now-on-the-market DNA Lofts in Dorchester. Once again, I'm not hating on someone for creating additional housing units in Boston, or for taking what is a very nice masonry building and converting it from its former industrial use to a residential one. I am, however, hating the ugly blue cabinets (see the Redfin listing here). One blog I read mentioned some of the design elements perhaps working in Miami or somewhere else, but not Boston. I think these blue kitchen cabinets should not work anywhere except in a Lego museum employee kitchen, if there is such a place. I like the site, I like the building, but I would prefer the unit delivered vacant and requiring me to install my own cabinets than buying a unit with these--because THEN I have to budget in removal and disposal of all this crap! Oh, Sweet Jesus, be a mirror!

Note to developers: Not everything from Ikea or Ikea-looking is good. It's a store where one gets cheap shit for their home, and we all know that. We've all been there, maybe not to Ikea, but we've had those experiences where we know it's just a cheap thrill and it's over, but paying $377/sq. ft. for it is laughable. If I wanted to live in a insanely weird kitchen I would pitch a tent in a 7-11.

Local Spice Rant: Office Computer System

Sometimes I hate working for a public entity, but most of the times it's fine. So I get that everything I seem to touch is public record, that I'm supposedly developing affordable housing for the public good, etc etc, and that's all fine n' dandy. But why must be have a completely back-ass computer system that filters the most trivial sites as either "game" or "pornography" among other tags. I now can't visit Craigslist.org or a restaurant like Harvest Cambridge. I have also discovered that YouTube is not universally blocked, nor Facebook or MySpace (not that I use those at the moment). All I want to do is look for a used washing machine for sale in the Boston/Cambridge/Brookline area!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PETA and Breast Milk

An utter bust? PETA wants Ben and Jerry's to substitute cow's milk with human breast milk in their ice cream.

So what would the flavors be, then?

Is that coffee down my pants?

I snapped this pic today while at lunch. I love advertisements and the copy found within them. Oh, and I like Dunkin Donuts, it does the job well enough.

I like the MFA

One aspect to life in Boston I do enjoy is the relatively easy access to the Museum of Fine Arts, among other museums. I took this pic, however poorly, last weekend. I have a membership card and it's truly one of the best buys in this over-priced city. I saw the art nouveau exhibit a few weeks back, and that was alright, and I'm curious to see the new Assyrian art exhibit from the British Museum.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Elvis mural on the People's Republik

The mural on the People's Republik on Mass Ave depicts a man who really looks like Elvis Presley. That's all I'm saying. I'm not hating the bar, it's great, but the mural...

Text "COPLEY" to 46305

Saw this today in Copley Square, not sure if I'm 100% sold on how it looks right in the middle of the place, but it's fun I say. Now I'm on the hunt for more red pin things.

No oxycontin at Walgreens in Central Square

In case anyone may wonder, there isn't any oxycontin or equivalent generic available at the Central Square Walgreens. There is, however, plenty of Listerine to purchase and drink on the street. That said, I love Walgreens, I do.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Chris Martin is an Asian girl who uses Bank of America, not the Coldplay guy

Pulling yet more cash from my dismal bank account this week, I noticed the Bank of America ad next to the ATM. Apart from it's random and vapid attempt to get me to sign on to another credit card, it depicts an Asian lady holding a credit card with the name Chris L. Martin. This made me think twice. Chris Martin is the lead singer of Coldplay. I looked it up, and his middle initial is not "L", but still, it's quite the thing to see from a big ole' fat money-grubbing bank. Sure, the name "Chris" can apply to either a male or female, but it's odd in this sense. Next time I want to see an advertisement with the cardholder's name being Cher or Jay-Z.

This is where I work...

Make no mistake, Massachusetts bureaucrats like their coffee fixin's in a neat and tidy order. Looks like someone has been taking great liberty with the Dunkin' Donuts sugaah.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I found a Popeye's Chicken along the Maine Turnpike

God bless the Maine Turnpike service plaza for featuring a Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits. Despite what I or you may think, I'm a Southern Boy who loves his fried chicken, and coming upon a Popeye's in the lovely Maine of all places was quite the treat. And you know I feasted en route to Bar Harbor on lovely dark meat with mashed potatoes, plus the almighty biscuit.

(sorry I had already taken a bite)

Lobster Ice Cream

This past weekend I took a very brief trip to Mount Desert Island in the very lovely Maine. The hotel was mighty convenient despite it's awkwardly uncomfortable bed and sporadically designed bathroom. Regardless, I do have more to post regarding the very lovely Maine, but for now I want to share my new love of Ben and Bill's Lobster Ice Cream. So, fyi, I am a person who likes to eat lobsters, I do, they're delicious. I found an ice cream store in Bar Harbor that proudly features lobster ice cream. It was basically vanilla ice cream with buttery lobster folded into the mix, and it was good!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Possible names for Sarah Palin's future grandbaby

(Alaskans like Mardi Gras beads, too!)

My dear friend and coworker and I have fashioned a list of possible names of Sarah Palin's future grandchild. We were inspired by the insane names she and her very fine husband have assigned to their own children:

Track -- where one runs around
Bristol -- it's a county, a city...don't name your kids after municipalities!
Willow -- the movie with Little People and Val Kilmer
Piper -- no comment, it's too early in the mornin'
Trig -- high school math, maybe Sarah P. was really good at Trig?

Noting that the father-to-be is a hockey player (yay, Bristol gets to be a hockey mom like her mom), and that the family lives in the lovely state of Alaska, we created this list:

Tallulah Physics
Crimson Durango
Acacia Tarmac
Puckcheck Cheyenne

Let me know what all y'all think...or any other contributions.

One love!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When the backside of a public sign or light pole won't work...

From my lunchtime stroll in Central Square. Someone found it useful to tape their "for sale" advertisement to the concrete pillar outside my office--because using Craigslist.org is too involved, too bourgeois? I love the composition, however, and the use of contrasting manila folder-color tape--very hipster-esque?