Monday, August 25, 2008

Clue Parties, Baltimore, and Playing Restaurant

That's right. Listen to the Boston Globe interview with crazy "Clark Rockefeller" posted this morning. This is the fella who claims to not remember his real identity, and who apparently killed people years ago in California. I'm not sure what to think of the Ray-Ban eyeglasses, either, I'm scared it may start some sort of trend amongst the hipsters of America.

In the interview he said he used to give Clue parties and that his favorite city is Baltimore (is it his favorite, or his favorite for kidnapping his daughter to?). While he had his daughter kidnapped, he said he had six (6) glorious days of "playing restaurant" where they wrote menus and recipes. Now I just want to see OJ Simpson try to pull this crap and we'll see what happens.

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Brain said...

Sadly, I think the "Ray Ban" eye glasses area already popular with the "hipsters." Hmm, you can't deny that this guy is creative, crazy, but creative. I hope people discuss him while journaling in their liberal arts electives.