Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ladder-like horizontal exterior building features

I just had to post a few pictures--there are so many buildings that suffer from this horrible aesthetic. Why, for the love of sweet Jesus, do so-called architects continue to tack up on buildings these horrible ladder-like exterior horizontal features? Seriously, it was cute the first 1,000 times the world saw it. Stop it! Most especially horrible is the rounded, tower-like corners they love so much. Who is the architecture professor who dreamed up this crap? Don't these design-snob professors get off on tearing apart students work? So who is the stupid student who got away? If it's the clients to blame, then, architects, stand up for yourselves, and refuse to do this crap! Surely SOMEONE could have nipped this style in the bud a long time ago. Now the world is plagued with this ugly look for decades to come--thanks! These features will be the asbestos of the future.

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