Friday, August 29, 2008

Local Spice Sighting

This posting is written in regard to a siting of true local spice in Central Square.

Location: Eastern Trading Company, Central Square, Cambridge, MA.

Setting: I, along with two fabulous coworkers, are in Eastern Trading Company, a Central Square vintage/thrift/etc store (it's really cool), looking through the various crazy merchandise. FYI, if you're a belly dancer, this is your store! Also, if you need fairy wings around Halloween, then this is your store.

Crazy Man, a customer, is looking at the many men's vests (who really wears a vest??) and he is VERY excited.

The scene is insane. Crazy Man is aggressively FLIPPING through the vests. The vests are made of various materials, from leather to tweed, etc. This guy is bat-shit crazy and excited, it's as if he's found Jesus in the form of vests. He's white man, medium height, sorta pudgy, and he found a leather vest that made his day!

Here's the dialogue, seriously, it happened:

SALES LADY: That vest fits you very well! You look so nice in it!

CRAZY MAN: I know!!!! I love it! Will you take $10.00 for it??

SALES LADY: Oh, that vest is already such a good buy at the price it's at right now! It's such a good buy! (she says in a very upbeat, supportive, positive manner)

CRAZY MAN: But I bought a vest just like this in Daytona for only $10.00...

SALES LADY: This isn't Daytona.

(There wasn't a sale)

Love it.


Naomie said...

I'm all over the Elvira Wigs in that shop!

Local Spice said...

I'm partial to their fine selection of fairy wings around Halloween.