Friday, August 29, 2008

Open Letter to Red Line freak

To Whom It May Concern:

Let's face it, you struck quite the nerve with me that I am inspired to create a blog post regarding this week's circumstance.

It was quite obvious were are a local, and that's great, I'm from a region of the country full of local spice--I celebrate it! However, do not lift you shorts leg again. In the future, when referencing your strong legs to the children you're escorting to Where-the hell-ever, MA, please make that reference simply verbal. There is no need to life the legs of your shorts (why are you wearing gym shorts as everyday-wear?) to show off what you consider to be "strong legs."

Speaking on behalf of the facial expressions of EVERYONE else on the Red Line train car while crossing the Longfellow Bridge, we do not ever want to see your fat, sweaty, hairy thighs again. We also did not care to have you underwear choice made known to everyone on the train. We were all on our way to work. And apart from your clothes-lifting shenanigans, we would have appreciated you standing still instead of flopping about the damn train like an idiot.

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