Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We are really THAT stupid, eh

I swear Americans will buy anything. God bless the man (or woman) who first decided to sell bottled water. Now an equally-genius fella or lady is selling HOW to make small hamburgers, i.e. sliders. I love sliders. I order them whenever I go to 21st Amendment on Beacon Hill. That bar makes 'em right nice. Now, the website for the Big City Slider is quite amusing, with a hilarious video showing the apparent perils associated with forming small patties out of ground beef. Happy children and parents are shown eating these small burgers after thoroughly cooking in this utterly and amazingly stupid device. The video even shows how to dress a hamburger with cheese, pickles, etc--who knew!?!? Thank the sweet Jesus for another stupid product to fill the mis-used kitchens of America!

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