Friday, September 12, 2008

Chris Martin is an Asian girl who uses Bank of America, not the Coldplay guy

Pulling yet more cash from my dismal bank account this week, I noticed the Bank of America ad next to the ATM. Apart from it's random and vapid attempt to get me to sign on to another credit card, it depicts an Asian lady holding a credit card with the name Chris L. Martin. This made me think twice. Chris Martin is the lead singer of Coldplay. I looked it up, and his middle initial is not "L", but still, it's quite the thing to see from a big ole' fat money-grubbing bank. Sure, the name "Chris" can apply to either a male or female, but it's odd in this sense. Next time I want to see an advertisement with the cardholder's name being Cher or Jay-Z.


vincent g said...

You really shouldn't be showing your card number for everyone to see.

Michael Binkley said...

my nigga you must be stupid....... honestly believing that this dude is putting BofA on blast with an Asian chick with the name Chris L Martin and thinking that he is showing his own account number......... I seriously wish that god or who the fuck ever runs this universe has a tornado up his alley (yes pun intended because i'm obviously superior to you) to destroy you with.