Friday, September 26, 2008

Local Spice Rant: Office Computer System

Sometimes I hate working for a public entity, but most of the times it's fine. So I get that everything I seem to touch is public record, that I'm supposedly developing affordable housing for the public good, etc etc, and that's all fine n' dandy. But why must be have a completely back-ass computer system that filters the most trivial sites as either "game" or "pornography" among other tags. I now can't visit or a restaurant like Harvest Cambridge. I have also discovered that YouTube is not universally blocked, nor Facebook or MySpace (not that I use those at the moment). All I want to do is look for a used washing machine for sale in the Boston/Cambridge/Brookline area!

1 comment:

Naomie said...

tra la laaaa your computer sucks!!! Meanwhile I can facebook all day, baby!

la la la!