Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Action Figures love Barack Obama!

This was seen today in the lovely Central Square here in Cambridge. For those who can't see too well, this is a street-level window display wherein there is an illustration of the now President-Elect Barack Obama being worshiped by a myriad of action figures. Be sure to check out how many Pee Wee Herman figurines are there! I love the ones who have thrown themselves onto the picture, too. Now I just want there to be one dancing with a snake figurine.


Oh wow. As someone who did sit through the nutcracker ONCE, this particular interpretation strikes me as far more entertaining. I may have to check it out.

First snow of the season!

I was happy and surprised this past Sunday to see snow falling outside my drafty window. Thankfully the situation did not warrant boots and shovels. I instead went to the gym, followed by some initial holiday shopping downtown, then a quick stroll through Boston Common.

For those from away and not familiar with Savin Hill, this is the view one has while waiting on the red line at the Savin Hill T stop. Look close, one can almost make out the small flurries. I've been called an "infrastructure slut" and I proudly agree and accept that title. I love this view--the rail lines, the fences, the highway walls, the sound from the traffic, the trains, then the 3-deckers on the hill, the reinforced concrete, the platform I'm standing on (which needs some attention despite its recent work, there are some caulk issues).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jessica Simpson makes bags, too? God, help me.

I am a consumer like the rest of us, but really, ladies, when choosing a purse/pocketbook/handbag/etc, please avoid choosing ones plastered with the name "Jessica Simpson" on it-most especially if it uses an ugly font. I was shocked when I saw one of these today on the T. Jessica Simpson sucks, and after a long-ass day I do not want to see your tired self, too, clutching a bag clad in her name.

And while I am on the topic of celebrity-associated fashions, I want to mention that I saw my first actual piece of House of Dereon on the very lovely Red Line!! It was a very simple, pretty unremarkable jacket designed by Beyonce's stupid momma worn by a most colorful girl on the Ashmont Line. I couldn't help but notice while listening to her speak about a girl who once owed her rent money...tragic story in her mind.