Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First snow of the season!

I was happy and surprised this past Sunday to see snow falling outside my drafty window. Thankfully the situation did not warrant boots and shovels. I instead went to the gym, followed by some initial holiday shopping downtown, then a quick stroll through Boston Common.

For those from away and not familiar with Savin Hill, this is the view one has while waiting on the red line at the Savin Hill T stop. Look close, one can almost make out the small flurries. I've been called an "infrastructure slut" and I proudly agree and accept that title. I love this view--the rail lines, the fences, the highway walls, the sound from the traffic, the trains, then the 3-deckers on the hill, the reinforced concrete, the platform I'm standing on (which needs some attention despite its recent work, there are some caulk issues).


darla said...

Oh, yay, love this.

Look back at this post when you're really tired of the snow.

It really is such a romantic thing.

(And yes, that's easy to say from where I'm sitting in Tx.)

'Whalehead' King said...

I like the view from the T station. I often wonder what it's like to live on that promontory. Loud or just the sussuruss of constant traffic?

Local Spice said...

I'll have to take a walk and report the noise from that street. I know walking across the bridge it's pretty quite after passing the 1st house or two going into the "OTB" 'hood.