Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boring Obama Burger at Mr. Bartley's

Mr. Bartley's Cottage in Harvard Square is offering a 21-ounce 3-patty no-fixin's burger with a white plastic spoon down the center of it, all in celebration of the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Why 3 patties? Why no toppings? At least give us lettuce and a tomato slice! (maybe take out two of the three patties, too)

Buddha's Hand

The smell was amazing! There was a pile of them at Whole Foods today! So what's up with these? So call me an amateur foodie, fine, I know, but still...I gotta go back and get one, then find a recipe, or something. The sweet citrus smell was quite overwhelming. Any suggestions?

Barack Obama Chia OR Chia Prez

Hail to the Chi-Chi-ChiaPrez! San Francisco-based Joseph Enterprises has decided to honor the the President-Elect of the United States by depicting him as a Chia Prez. I am a huge fan of both the 44th President of the United States AND Chia Pets, but this one through me for a loop. (Now all we need is a Black Power fist pick to serve as a watering can). Go directly to this site for more information or to order. Oh, and they call this pose shown above as "Determined Obama." As the website says "CAN YOU GROW ONE? YES YOU CAN!"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcomed additions to my kitchen family

As I referenced in earlier posts, I am now the proud owner of an Imperial Grey KitchenAid mixer. Owning one has induced a lot of baking, and thus a lot of gym-ing. Here is a pic, as per the request of one comment.

But what I have REALLY used so much since returning to the snow covered New England from the 80degrees-on-Christmas-Day-Bayouland is a fabulous "antique" (it's old, that's what I know) drip coffee pot my mom gave me (she has several, a collection, I referenced I like it, she gave it to me). See the pic. I think it's awesome, AND I will say that the coffee rendered kicks ass.

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Auckland Street will be a nicer place to live and we will have one more reason to say why Dorchester is better than Southie!! Have a great 2009!"

For friends and foes unaware of the fabulousness of Boston, allow me to briefly clue you in onto the snow-shoveling-marking-your-place shenanigans very common within the area, most especially in South Boston (Southie), East Boston (Eastie), and as I've discovered Dorchester (yes, I'm not a native, for those native readers).

So it's fairly commonplace within these old-line neighborhoods in Boston that IF you shovel your car out of crazy-ass snow, that you EARN that space, it's yours...BUT, for HOW long? If you shovel it, then you mark it, and I've ALWAYS been entertained by what the locals find, somewhere and somehow, to mark their places. Before living in Dorchester I lived in Eastie, where I would find old television sets, among other applicances, marking spaces etched out of snow--and that's great, that's fine, I'm not judging, I'm just was a 20-year-old TV marking someone's space on the road in East Boston...right. The picture below is a former neighbor in Eastie who had marked their space with some sort of Public Works "slow" moving traffic sign.

This evening I found the following letter in my door here in the lovely Dorchester:

Let me walk you through the best parts:

"After you have worked hard and took a lot of time to clean out your parking spot of course you should be able to keep that parking spot for yourself for an appropriate amount of time. You have earned it."

"These offenders have shoveled out nothing because it has not even snowed yet. These spots belong to all of us on the street. We all pay taxes and they belong to the public."

My favorite section provides a measurement for when it is appropriate to claim a space for 4 days:
"Actually, Mayor Thomas Menino's rule is that one should not mark a parking spot for more than 24 hours; however, I think we can compromise and give ourselves 1 to 4 days (4 days only if it necessary. 4 days should only be allowed if the storm was 10 inches or more)."

Please see the picture for the whole letter, it's fabulous. I give credit to the letter's author for taking action against people who claim spaces for days and days after a snow storm, when it's quite obvious the sun is shining and the snow is melting, but still, there's a damn trash can in the street marking their spot. They are all lucky that I do not own a car, or else I wouldn't deliver a letter.

Here is an example of what they are talking about from Auckland Street in Dorchester:
As someone who does not own a car, I'm not hating either way. I do, however, get pissed when people can't seem to shovel their sidewalk, but that's for another post.

Unremarkable White Bread

My 1st foray into home baking with my fancy new KitchenAid mixer was a loaf of unremarkable white bread. I used the recipe found in the booklet included in the KitchenAid mixer. The bread was fine, but only if one intends to eat it right away, or to make dinner rolls (yummy!) and eat a day later with left over baked ham.

Regardless, I'm posting some pics for fun:

Not sure if this is the wisest bread-making technique, but I live in a cold Boston apartment, so the radiator was the warmest thing around.

Imagine my relief when I noticed the dough actually rising! I had not totally screwed up!

Behold, one of two very unremarkable loaves of white bread. It looks quite warm and delicious on the Fiestaware.

Snow Day Breakfast

No, I'm not a professional chef or a professional food photographer, but I should get some sort number of points for facing the cold and snow with a happy face, eh?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow Day Sunday

It's Sunday and Boston received between 5 to 9 inches of snow. I estimate my street was on the high side of that range. So refusing to leave my apartment, I decided to cook. Finally putting to good use the fancy schmancy KitchenAid mixer I purchased after Christmas with my collected Macy's gift cards, I made what turned out to be a fabulous loaf of Irish Soda Bread using Ina Garten's recipe from Barefoot Contessa At Home.

I love my mixer!

The lovely thing about this recipe was it is yeast-free, so no waiting around for the dough to rise, etc. It's pretty sweet, too, and the recipe advises reduces by a tablespoon or so if one prefers the result to not be sweet, or too sweet. And the recipe calls for currants, but in the hellish frenzy that was yesterday at the supermarket (pre-snow storm) there weren't any at the Shaw's, and not a person around to direct to where to find them. So I subsituted dried cranberries, and it works very well.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nothing says Christmas like Fried Turkey

And yes, this means my "skinny" ass must now go to the gym. The polite thing to say or consider is that the extra lbs. are muscle, but we're all friends (or foes) here, and I'm all about biting honesty in case you haven't met me. My so-called New Year's resolution is to continue frequenting the gym, and in addition to consult a trainer's guidance. After the last two months of stress, Chinese take-out, Scotch, then Louisiana home cooking/holiday food/birthday cake (I'm now 29, pushing 30), I need to get serious.

Oh, and I beat the shit out of 29!