Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boston's Ugly House of Blues

Today I strolled around town as the Boston weather has finally permitted pedestrianism.  I was curious to see what I heard was a sorta-recently renovated House of Blues, located at 15 Landsdowne Street across from Fenway Park.  What is really exciting is that in April I have tickets to see Lily Allen there!  I say that despite the building's exterior.

Sweet Jesus, be a mirror, again.  Bottom line, the Boston House of Blues is super god awful.  I am willing to bet that the architects were inspired by Legos.


tape said...

Yeah, it looks pretty silly from the outside, but it's really nice on the inside.

Brain said...

It's an abortion of architecture...yet another excuse for Bostonians to complain about anything "modern." This isn't modern, it's a cross between a McDonald's and a penitentiary. I would just hope to get locked inside it if it is indeed nice on the inside as suggest by tape. Being forced to stand outside and look at it could burn your retinas.

mzamar said...

Its godawful inside too. Decorated in 'art brut' paintings which are not really great art but just garbage and a bunch of homespun quilts hung on the walls. The whole place looks like someone's middle aged mother from Vermont who likes "country stuff" and "things I got at the Christmas Tree Shop" was asked to decorate the interior. This is not to mention the outrageous prices for drinks. The bouncers are unbearably courteous though. Its a sad day when I love a club for its bouncers.