Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lily Allen at the House of Blues

I went to the Lily Allen concert this past Sunday at the ugly Boston House of Blues. I love Lily. The above picture was the best one my iPhone could do. The HOB Gestapo quickly noticed my handy Canon snappy camera while waving their metal detectors all around my body, and made me check it with my coat--and only to have Lily Allen herself announce during the concert that she never made any request to not allow photos. So big ups to Ms. Allen for allowing those who were able to sneak their cameras in to take pictures--we're the ones buying the tickets and the music!

So the concert was great! She sang plenty (not all) of her songs, and even wore a cute Boston-inspired outfit (see above) with a Red Sox hat. I was definitely "that guy" who knew all the words to all the songs. She wore these very sexy red stockings that proved quite the wardrobe malfunction, so she had a roadie tape them up onto her thighs. At the encore she changed into a very cute knit dress with a huge lobster on it--also very cute.

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