Friday, April 3, 2009

Zaftigs now serves bad food.

Zaftigs now serves bad food. This fact was first observed by a trusted and fellow foodie friend several weeks ago, but I wondered if she just had one specific bad experience. (This stuff happens, right?) NO! I went there last weekend. It was a pretty typical Saturday hauling myself out from Dorchester to Brookline's storied Coolidge Corner: the Red to the Green, then waiting for the C, put your name on the list for 30-45 minutes (sometimes more), grab a coffee at Peet's or browse the Booksmith, then it's time to eat.

Ritual aside, which I actually don't mind, the main event is the food. My requisite latkes with applesauce and sour cream were pretty good. It was the main dishes ordered at the table which upset us. One dish, a cheese/apple/bacon omelette was sent back to the kitchen with the waitress, while I somehow ate my Eggs Benedict (with wholly cooked eggs, btw), and left the hard-as-a-rock homefries on the plate. Bottom line, the place just isn't what it has been in the past, and sad to say, it's just not worth the wait anymore.


darla said...

That's just too sad. Sounds like major turnover in the kitchen.

Amanda said...

How depressing! I haven't been to Zaftig's but I've been meaning to for about two years now.. and now I guess there's no point :-/