Monday, May 4, 2009

Hardcore Portuguese Soccer Fan

You and I have both seen this car. It warranted a post. It's a PT Cruiser! And yes, I'm an American, and I make no excuse for having to Google "F. C. Porto" to discover it's a successful soccer team in Portugal.

Mission Hill T-shirts

I love these t-shirts, which are available from Mission Hill Main Streets. All proceeds go the uber good cause of this local Main Streets group. These shirts were designed by local students, show off a great part of Boston (not all true Boston t-shirts need depict one of our awesome sports teams), and are truly "Local Spice" in my humble opinion.

Whitey Bulger had a table of 4 at McKenna's

Gotta love the humor, I suppose. I stopped into McKenna's on my way to the T this morning. I love McKenna's--great food, great iced coffee. Standing at the counter, waiting on that iced coffee, I noticed someone had purposely signed the table wait list as "Whitey Bulger" and had a table of 4. Fabulous. Makes me think of who to sign-in as next time I'm there waiting on a table. Suggestions?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jones Hill Dichotomy

A quick study of opposites. I walked around the very lovely Jones Hill this weekend. I've known it to be filled with chopped up triple deckers sold off at insane prices during the bubble, and beautiful Victorian homes (really, quite nice to be honest), plus properties the eyes of flippers...having lots of potential. Yet despite the hype from the past few years, it's still an area filled with properties in need of substantial rehab (hooray for preservation!) or just demolition, or at least a decent coat of paint. Regardless of your stance or opinion of the area or of this topic, here are some snappy pics: