Monday, May 4, 2009

Whitey Bulger had a table of 4 at McKenna's

Gotta love the humor, I suppose. I stopped into McKenna's on my way to the T this morning. I love McKenna's--great food, great iced coffee. Standing at the counter, waiting on that iced coffee, I noticed someone had purposely signed the table wait list as "Whitey Bulger" and had a table of 4. Fabulous. Makes me think of who to sign-in as next time I'm there waiting on a table. Suggestions?


G. Michael Guy said...

A friend told me that their lunch crew from work always wanted to tell the restaurant that their name was "Cooter" so they'd have to call it out when their food was ready. They were then going to wait and make them call it out twice for even more fun. But she said no one had the guts to do it. When she invited me to lunch with her friends from work, I made their dream a reality. I think it was as big of a hit as they were hoping it would be. Moral to you: Don't tell me you are too shy to say something, because I will probably say it and embarrass you. Moral for me: keep my mouth shut--there's a perfectly good reason no one else wants to say it!

Not Whitey Bulger said...

Be careful whose name you take in vain.