Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bunker Hill Day

Happy Bunker Hill Day! As someone lucky enough to have this very specific holiday off from work, I took the time to, yes, sleep late, then go shopping, but then I thought to myself "Why not go to Bunker Hill today...?" So, having my walking shoes on and not a thing else (or money) to do, I hiked over to Charlestown and played tourist. I've admittedly been to the monument before, but this was my 1st time scaling the monument's 294 steps, and then competing with the tourists at the top to get a look out the windows and take my snappy pictures. It was a beautiful day for the effort, great views, plus I went full-force and stopped in on the museum across the street.

Thankfully it was a beautiful and clear day. The views from the top of the monument were fantastic.

Hand rail at the monument's top level.

The National Park Service operates a FREE small museum across the street from the monument. I liked seeing the various drawings submitted during a competition in 1825 when the locals were planning the monument.

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