Monday, June 15, 2009

Dorchester Day

This is a late blog post. Times have been busy, and I've been admittedly lazy. I've lived in "The Dot" for a year now, and this was my 1st Dorchester Day. My street was closed down for a block party, and a parade passed down Dorchester Ave with everyone and anyone who thinks they should be elected to any office, anywhere. Regardless, please see (and maybe enjoy) the following snappy pics from this year's Dorchester Day parade.

Boston's own Mayor Tommy Menino (running for reelection) and Massachusetts' own Governor Deval Patrick, making the trek from Lower Mills to Columbia.

Carnival in Dorchester

The guys from College Hype (they make the Dot Rat tees)

The Sam Yoon Possee

I thought this woman was fabulous, and she posed for me. She was part of the Mike Flaherty posse.

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