Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson fans on the T

So apart from the tremendous shock of losing music superstar Michael Jackson, we (the populace) now get to endure the public showings of said shock, mourn, sadness, or perhaps pride in the life and creativity of Jacko. Case in point is the focus of this blog post.

Yesterday's commute home was highlighted by a distressed fan, who boarded the Red Line at Downtown Crossing, armed with his MP3 music player LOUDLY playing the Michael Jackson hits. My first thought of course was "is he really going to play that, right next to me?" and then it was "he IS really not going to turn it down" (it was VERY loud).

Then I realized how awesome this guy was, how awesome the scene on the trian turned out to be, and how engaged everyone on the train became, as they struck up conversations with him, traded high-fives as they exited at their stops, etc. He gave one person a music CD of Michael Jackson songs that he had put together himself (makes me wonder how many freebie CDs he had made, but I didn't ask). He took requests, later playing "rock with you" and then "Beat It" by the time I exited myself. I loved the looks on everyone's face as people got on at the next few stops.

Now I just want to see a crowd all wearing Farah Fawcett wigs.

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Carrie said...

At least he wasn't handing out cake: