Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So, I live in a less desireable nabe, uh?

One commenter on one local Boston real estate blog exhibits the typical class-oriented attitude found here in Boston. Despite living in a "less desireable nabe," I will likely not move to the South End or Back Bay because I frankly have to no use to live near a Fire & Ice, the Nike Store, Urban Outfitters, Cheesecake Factory, or people like him. My neighborhood is great: pretty simple, established, relatively quiet, convenient for work and play, very neighborly, plus I can afford it. I'm not saying I won't ever move, either within Boston or away from here, but I like to think any 'hood I land in won't have any these guys.

Urban Mechanics

Check out Tinkering with Urban Mechanics, a new Boston-based blog any Hubber and fan from away may find interesting for local updates, news, and pictures.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pot roast, please!

I just want to vent and state that I have found finding either a beef or pork roast for sale (not on sale, but for sale, at any price) increasingly difficult. A few weeks ago I was at a local Shaw's Supermarket, and there was nothing to cook besides chicken and steak. Even today, I went to Whole Foods and the choices were pathetic. So today I found one at Savenor's in Beacon Hill (went there on a whim, the weather was nice), and promptly took it home where it was seasoned, stuffed with garlic and crushed red pepper, braised, smothered with onions, and left to cook on very low heat until fabulously tender.

And the Patriots beat Buffalo!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ogunquit is so frickin' cute

As referenced in a previous post, this past weekend I went to Ogunquit for the 1st time. It was a quick day trip, only being a about an hour away. The town was quite cute, adorable, very "Maine in Summer" I'll say. Of course I ended the day with a few cocktails at the Front Porch, too, wherein I realized how many showtunes I don't know. It's always a good idea to go to Maine.

I discovered for myself the boutique-lady store Spoiled Rotten, is something to see just to see. I was impressed by their fall season-inspired merchandising. And yes, I already have the mums on my front porch here in the Dirty Dot.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Awful New York License Plate Spotted in Ogunquit

That's right y'all, I'm judging. Sweet damn Jesus, I hate personalized license plates, and this one illustrates why no one, even some bullshit New Yorker from Manhattan who, and I'm judging again, is probably a Yankees fan, has "Aquaman" identifying his Nissan Maxima. Once again, Sweet Damn Jesus, why?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Absolut Boston Taste Test

Today I bought a bottle of Absolut Boston vodka, having only recently learned of its release. Having loved Absolut New Orleans (and I still have several bottles stockpiled in my liquor cabinet), I went off to my packie where the shelves were stocked.

My first taste I took neat, then with an ice cube, and it went relatively well, still slightly hitting me like cough syrup, all the while trying to recognize the flavors (black tea and elderflower). I can't say that in my mind I knew what the combination of black tea and elderflower should taste like, so perhaps that part of my problem. The bottle suggests mixing this vodka with grapefruit juice and ginger ale for a specific cocktail. Not having the former, I used a splash of orange juice, then followed by the ginger ale. The result is quite a nice cocktail, one I recommend.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Incorrect MBTA T-Shirts being sold to tourists

Last week while schlepping around Boston with the family, playing tourist, I spotted this incorrect MBTA System Map t-shirt at Faneuil Hall. I am sorry but I cannot report the price. Take a close look and you will see the Red Line incorrectly shows the JFK/UMass stop as only along the Ashmont branch, not as the last stop before the line splits.