Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Absolut Boston Taste Test

Today I bought a bottle of Absolut Boston vodka, having only recently learned of its release. Having loved Absolut New Orleans (and I still have several bottles stockpiled in my liquor cabinet), I went off to my packie where the shelves were stocked.

My first taste I took neat, then with an ice cube, and it went relatively well, still slightly hitting me like cough syrup, all the while trying to recognize the flavors (black tea and elderflower). I can't say that in my mind I knew what the combination of black tea and elderflower should taste like, so perhaps that part of my problem. The bottle suggests mixing this vodka with grapefruit juice and ginger ale for a specific cocktail. Not having the former, I used a splash of orange juice, then followed by the ginger ale. The result is quite a nice cocktail, one I recommend.


Kaitlyn said...

which packie do you frequent b.c i need a bottle of this!

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