Thursday, October 15, 2009

I haven't turned on my heat, yet.

It's that time of the year to stare the thermostat down with a mean grimace as one refuses to turn on the heat. See, in my mind, once it's on, then I know it's on until May. This means the vintage steam heat system in my drafty apartment will then make my entire body itch for the next 6 months, inducing what we'll call body lotion/humidifier season. I'm not a native up here, and I wonder if even those native, hardy New Englanders have a secret to the misery, or do we all suffer the same? (Maybe this is why they all have grandparents now living in Florida.)

And it does not help that my oil tank is near empty, so turning the heat on means that expense despite a blow to my own ego. And to make matters worse I'm driving up my electric bill using a small box heater to break the cold until I call up the folks at my oil supplier (who are all very nice and prompt, btw).

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