Sunday, October 4, 2009


Here is the Local Spice Top 5 things about Dorchester! I love this neighborhood! From the commute, the location, and yes, the atmosphere, the people, etc. It's a real neighborhood, and I feel very comfortable here, and I'm glad to share a brief list of 5 things I find interesting about my home.

My #1 best thing to say about Dorchester is that it's quite possibly the biggest melting pot of neighborhoods out of all areas in Boston. Despite what some may say or think, I consider Dorchester to be the real Boston, as it's where real Bostonians live, and it's quite the more authentic neighborhood than others. Not to throw dirt on anyone else, but I think Dorchester rocks because it's not like other 'hoods in Boston. From the Polish Triangle to Lower Mills, and all areas between, it's a mish-mash of different people all in this (neighborhood) together.

Ashmont-Mattapan High Speed Line

Clap Pear at Edward Everett Square

Click the link, there's a story behind it, plus it's a big huge pear in the middle of town. Thanks to partner-in-crime Tinkering with Urban Mechanics for the awesome pic.

McKenna's Cafe

It's the best breakfast/brunch place around. The staff rock the place, the coffee is always on, and the food is tasty. Prepare to wait in line on the weekend.

Malibu Beach

Don't let the name fool you, this is not exactly Dorchester meets Bay Watch, but it's still a great place. I love walking to the beach from my apartment, even if I get to listen to the symphony that is I-93 at the same time.

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Good and plenty said...

I love the places you love. I am so glad you included photos. I need a tutorial in how to do that on my site.

Whalehead King said...

Well worth the wait. Well done. I was admiring that yellow house just yesterday in person, and I am pleased to recongnize the other landmarks you snapped. Good eye. Thanks!

Lauren said...


I really love reading your blog and wanted to know if we at SCI Dorchester could add Local Spice to a list of blogs on under a Press/Links tab.

-Lauren Ames, Outreach and Technology Coordinator for SCI Dorchester @ DotWell (

Local Spice said...

Aw thanks, I'd love to be added to your site.

Lauren said...

Just wanted to let you know that Local Spice is now listed here:

I hope you enjoy the site!