Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Wii and them some

I'm feeling better, more or less, plus I have a new Wii. I was never the video game sort, but this Wii is something to try, and get addicted to for sure. So far I say I'm an okay archer, and a decent bowler, and I'm slowly perfecting my skills at watercraft. The Monopoly game I've played, and won, and lost--and it's fun, but I find myself trying to crack the game's soft spots for when the fake players will sell, etc, and they tend to be misers.

January is moving along, slowly. I ran into a friend on the way home from the T tonight. I need to socialize more, get out, etc. Oh, and I need to get to the office ASAP tomorrow a.m. and finish this Comprehensive Permit application for work. God save Massachusetts and it's endless amounts of bureaucracy!

On another note, I'm a big Lady Gaga fan. I went to her concert a few weeks ago in December, and it changed my life. If you're cool and don't listen to Lady Gaga, then you need to, or else you'll fall off the Earth and die.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's January, again

There's an endless amount of crud in my nose, and I itch, everywhere--yay dry skin. Daylight goes away at 4pm. I'm totally disconnected from anyone I've befriended (as people quasi-befriend each other in this socially-inept town) as work keeps me totally occupied, physically and mentally, plus maybe we were never really friends. My solace is cooking! It's braising season, and I've been considering a new fancy Le Creuset dutch oven--but which size? I think I have the winter blues maybe 8 weeks too soon, so god help my liver, and god help the person who calls me out on it.